About the Show

In 2018, a record 19,125 of visitors came out to see what was new in everything to do with homes, landscaping, renovation and beyond.  Many exhibitors sold directly from their booth while others gained valuable sales contacts to sustain them for the months ahead.

From research done directly with our show visitors, we know that the vast majority of attendees come to the event with specific renovations or home projects in mind. In past surveys, as high as 80 per cent of attendees indicated they were planning to renovate their homes within 12 months. This is an unbeatable venue to get your product in front of serious buyers!


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Our booth packages will make you look every part the industry leader that you are. Our all-inclusive exhibitor package includes:

  • 8’ drapery backwall
  • 3’ drapery sidewalls
  • Aisle carpeting
  • Booth carpeting
  • Daily booth vacuuming
  • Container storage
  • Forklift services to and from your booth (up to 5,000 lbs.)
  • Exhibitor badges
  • Free parking

Floor Plan


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